Worries 1

I am now really worried about the way things seem to be going. There are a number of issues that have cropped up just today that have probably been incubating for some time now.

1. This systematic synthetics phonics business … could you please tell me how you learned to read? Was it using SSP or was it something different? And what makes this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach seem appropriate … it is a bit like being given a dose of cod-liver oil because it is good for you.

And I read that there is an approved ( whoops, sorry … not approved – scrutinised by independent evaluators) list of materials that schools can look at (!!!) BUT the list may not necessarily adhere to the new updated core criteria.

Original image: ‘final exams
final exams

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PS From Twitter:

Dear Mr Gove. My name is Niamh St John I live in Happisburgh. How will phonics help me?

PPS Strong day for phonics today …

The DfE web page updated and today’s ‘phonics’ summary launchingĀ a public consultation to ask teachers, parents, professionals and the public to submit views on how the check might work. Does this imply that they don’t know yet how it will work??

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