‘An analogue curriculum for a digital age’

‘An analogue curriculum for a digital age’ … I picked this quote up for a Tweet yesterday after reading and listening to MR Gove’s take on the revamp of the curriculum for ENGLISH state schools and have today trawled the postings for coments and ideas.

On the TES forum there is a post ‘ Is Gove going to set our country back ten years? (ICT removed from the curriculum)’ implying that this means the death of digital litearcies in schools and I got to thinking about how not making ICT a compulsory subject would affect primary schools.

As far as I am concerned ICT was never a subject it was, and is, a tool used to support and enhance the teaching and learning that goes on in classrooms and outside. Having said that I recognise that to get the best from the tools involved some direct and some contextual teaching is necessary.

Children and teachers need to know what is available for them to use and how to make the best of it in specific situations. They need a chooser chart. And there are times when new ideas and new tools need to be brought to their attention to refresh contexts and learning.

This clearly, for me, does not make the ‘loss’ of ICT as a subject important. What is important is the recognition that we live our lives in a digital age and should be using the best available resources to educate people. This cannot be accomplished without funding and without knowledge and I just get the feeling that the current Government may be downplaying the ICT card because of money.

Did a minister go to BETT last week to see the hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the World coming to see what we have to offer and how we use it? There seems to be a real mismatch here somewhere.

Thinking on … if Miles Berry’s comment, on Twitter, that the ideas may well lead to :’Specify a Gradgrind curriculum that forces progressive schools to become academies so they can opt out?’ then why all this time and effort on developing a curriculum which will only apply to a minority?

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