BETT – things move on

I am led to believe that this year will be my 21st year at BETT( I am not so sure of these dates). How things have changed!

From pasting tables to ‘power stands’, from enthusiasts to corporate giants things have moved on … but for the better?

Blackcat Software, my first home, was a tiny company owned by my very good friends the Barretts who lived in Brecon. Simon had obtained a ‘grant’ from Becta to develop a datahandling piece of software … it became ‘Clipboard’ … a marker of its time. The success of this led him to leave his deputy headship and set up to further develop some of his other ideas … I became good friends with him and his family and supported as the person who would develop some of the contextual ideas for the use of the software.

We went to BETT … table and PC and self made cards and ideas and spoke to people. They seemed interested … things developed. Clipboard became ‘Information Workshop’ and then ‘First Workshop’ and then ‘Write Away’ and other followed. BETT became a bigger stand ‘staffed’ by friends and teacher friends … we were very enthusiastic. Our ‘Black Cat’ could be seen from all over the place. RM lent machines and the stand grew and grew. The software found its way to the RM WindowBox step and thus into many, many schools and children’s minds.

BETT awards followed in consecutive years and money was offered and taken … the rest is history.

But what this shows is that an idea and a passion can go a long way if you allow it to … you just need to believe that it will !

So what inspired this writing … it was a post by John McLear explaining why he was not exhibiting at BETT this year.

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  1. This was the first time in about 18 years that I have missed Bett, and this was due to illness. I managed to attend the TeachMeet virtually but it didn’t make up for being there. Next year I will have to stay down longer to make up for missing this year!

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