Facts, facts and more facts

Here is what Mr Gove said … in ‘black and white’>

Via Twitter –  An Analogue curriculum for a digital world.

It would seem that the curriculum reform will contain, at its core, a diet of fact, facts and more facts … Mr Gove stressed today on Radio 4 that: the curriculum would be slimmed down so that it reflected the “essential knowledge” that children should learn.

So get your sets of ‘Top Trumps’ and ‘ BrainBoxes’ out and make sure that you get your children to watch ‘Weakest Link’, ‘Eggheads’, ‘MasterMind’, ‘University Challenge’, ‘Pointless’  and even better ‘Only Connect’ as part of their factoid learning diet. Also might be a great idea to get them down to the pub on a regular basis to assist in the ‘pub quiz’ team that you are about to form. This edict should also see a run on ‘Horrible Histories’, ‘Horrible Science’, ‘Horrible Tudors’, ‘Horrible Romans’ etc.

Actually it is a truism that children love facts and soak them up as quickly as they see/hear them … but this is not a curriculum … it is just the way it is.

I am also slightly (!!) perplexed to see that the review panel does not appear to have anyone on it with ‘Early Years’ or ‘Primary’ expertise/experience … cause for concern here I think.

All, however, is not yet lost … have your say here.

If you want to read everything that he said … its all here.

Worrying times … not sure how this fits in with his ideas of passing power to schools and free schools taking charge of their own curriculum.

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