Teachmeet at BETT 2011

Friday evening saw the, now traditional, Teachmeet at BETT – and we were reminded by founder/instigator that this was the 5th year of the beginning !!

What fabulous CPD … the buzz was fantastic, the crowd were ecstatic, the cup cakes (thanks @lisibo) were so yummy and the chance to catch up with friends and listen to passionate educational practice just superb. There really is nothing quite like it at all … fits is so well with Sugata Mitra’s concept of ‘self generated learning.

I much appreciated Ewan’s ‘warning’ that this powerful message board for educators must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the institutionalists.

Twitter being the tool of the hour the threads can be followed here … or see tthe Flickr pics here. And … if you were not there or simply want to follow up the blog at http://teachmeet.posterous.com  will do just that (currently being built).

Image Attribution: ‘Words and Picture’ and event organisers Ian Usher, Drew Buddy, Ian Addison, Tim Handley, Dai Barnes

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