Exams … Today is a good day

I have followed the debate this morning about using technology rather than ‘pen and paper’ as a means of communication and as a resource in future exams. This debate has taken a very long time to crawl out of a deep, dark cupboard … I applaud Isabel Nisbet Ofqual’s chief executive who, on her last day, has chosen to leave this one handing as her gift to the future of children and exams. While students will probably be worrying more about receiving Professional Exam Tutoring than how they actually complete their exams, advancements in technology do certainly beg the question of how far technology should be implemented in our schools.

As well as the debate on technology, how about the idea of teachers now using programs such as http://gradecam.com/grader/easy-grader/ to help speed up the marking process of assignments and tests? We’re moving with the times. The idea of the digital age is kind of taking over. So why not use it to its advantage?

You can listen to what she said in a BBC Radio 5 interview .. here .

A clear resume of the state of play can be read here.

So in the guise of the Horizon Reports what time to adoption?

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034/365 exam week is here again
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