Music hath charms … Hooray !!

Bang the drums … sing out loud …today Mr Gove announced that there will be a massive input into music education in an attempt to nullify the ‘musical divide’ … (But isn’t this the same as last year’s funding?)

The Secretary of State for Education has responded to Darren Henley’s review into music in schools with a pledge to end the ‘musical divide’ between wealthier children with access to great musical education and children in disadvantaged areas. To ensure young people from every background have access to quality music education, Michael Gove has announced that £82.5m will be given to music services across England next year.

The money will be used to make opportunity more equal in music education and enhance the prestige and esteem of music teaching as a career route for professional musicians that would eventually wish to go on and gain higher music education, potentially wanting to go on and pursue Masters in Music Education.

A really positive step … Chapeau!!

The BBC’s take on the announcement is ‘slightly’ different.

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