A month is a long time …

It has been a month since I posted on this blog and I am wondering why … is it because nothing has caught my attention, that I have nothing to say, that I have been nowhere and done nothing, that the people I have met have had little or no impact on my learning or my practice?

It is none of these because none are actually true.

My attention has been captured by much excellence … by meeting with people who have the ‘can do – will done – done’ attitude to moving learning forward. I have been taken with the enthusiasm and honesty of teachers, advisors, students and children and have had the pleasure of working alongside all of these- learning and teaching together.

I have travelled to areas where new schools are moving forward on their own pathways with new builds and new challenges and I have worked in classrooms with teachers and children who just want to be shown and then they move forward.

I have been stunned by the clarity and quality of some of the self-directed work I have seen and have marveled at the progress that encouragement can sustain.

And yet I have been to no learned conferences, I have read few learned journals, I have responded to only a small number of Tweets and texts … and all of this time I have been totally immersed in my passion for teaching and learning …

What a month it has been … my thanks to all of those who have made it excitingly memorable.

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