The end of my positivity

Yesterday I and a number of friends, Kevin McLaughlan, Simon Widdowson, Lisa Stevens, Bethany Windsor, Tricia Neal, Bernadette Brooks, Nia Sutton  and John Sutton had a fantastic ICT Conference day with 125 PGCE Students at the University of Leicester School of Education… a day full of optimism, ideas and enthusiasm. Powered by the TED video of Kiran Bir Sethi the day motored on passion and technology.

As part of the day ten PGCE students presented to their colleagues technology teaching ideas from their latest teaching experience in true Teach Meet format … and I came home excited and refreshed.

And then … I fell into reading about the latest government push to ban mobile phones from schools and a cloud settled over me.

I read: According to newspaper reports this morning (Telegraph, News of the World) Michael Gove has announced plans to ban mobile phones from school classrooms from September 2011. This on a wiki, put together by Doug Belshaw, where people are already expressing their opinions about such a move.

Ewan Mcintosh, on his blog, explains how Hull are seeing this … he comments:  It’s a daft policy, reflecting a small (minority) group’s gut feel and no research or reflection.

If this is the way that the Government feel that they can engage children in their learning then I am at a loss and feel my positivity draining away …

PS: I wonder if schools that choose to become Academies will have to follow such ‘rules’ ? … perhaps it is a clever way of boosting the numbers.

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2 thoughts on “The end of my positivity

  1. Don’t despair as this will probably come to nothing. I seem to recall that at one point the Labour government were planning on banning teenage kissing.

    Even if it did become law schools that want to use mobile technology will just quietly ignore the rule; just as they ignore the rule about a daily collective act of worship if they don’t agree with that.

  2. I agree really … just a crisis of action on my part.

    Banning will solve nothing … it certainly will not stop bullying !!

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