Why ‘more of the same’ ?

‘Gazing into the future from a knowledge of the past’ – D Dickinson, Ireland 2011

Is education really the only ladder to greatness (whatever that might mean)? For as long far back as I can go with my reading it seems that the power of education to move people forwards and upwards has been a mantra for all. The idea seems to have been ‘sold’ to people in every developing nation as the one thing that will make dreams come true. Because of this the scaffolding is in place to make sure that it is true.

It is time for a rethink and to re-purpose education. We need to take particular notice of how our young people spend their time in various institutional settings. Perhaps the idea of just one ‘school’ at a time does not now fit. Perhaps as children grow older they need to have more breadth to their experiences they need to respond to ideas and adventures in different ways.

Our system of developmental education should look more like a chart of opportunities embracing cultural, aesthetic, emotional, physical, creative and academic opportunities that work together to develop an interesting and productive, personal lifestyle for each individual. The emphasis should be on balance so that each person can find his/her own place as an individual in a complex ‘flat world’ society.

We have to stop assessing individuals at specific points in time as this removes ladders for those who wish to or need to climb later. We need to look to the development of andragogy and heutagogy to fulfil destinies.

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