Raspberry Pi … Update

My first attempt at ‘programming’ was done on one of these

About eighteen months ago at the Naace Annual Conference in Blackpool I distinctly remember an Ofsted speaker saying that we had concentrated so much on presentation that such things as computer programming had almost disappeared. Well, that’s what my memory tells me the gist of the words were.

And now there is a new thrust in this direction … I blogged about it last month (see May 6 ‘Exciting Times’) and here it is again … this time on ‘BBC Click Online’.

Now I know that there will be a real rush of geeks when the hardware is released but will it become ‘hobbyist’ and will it inspire young learners?

Original image: ‘BBC Micro’
BBC Micro
by: Steve Berry
Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

One thought on “Raspberry Pi … Update

  1. If it can do what it says on the tin and costs what is predicted then schools would be foolish to pass it up. I was in secondary school when the BBC, Commodore and IBM were hitting the retail market but I didn’t have the teachers who knew much about them. Only at the turn of the new millenium did I get into computing and have advanced my self to a level where i have become confident enough to teach basics but I still don’t know enough. Hopefully, this Raspberry Pi will be just what I need to help me become a better teacher and help my future learner to be more inspired.

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