Russell gets it right !!

‘Wide Horizon’ – Spurn Point June 2011 – Doug Dickinson

I wasn’t there … pity … wish I had been … to listen to Russell Prue at the recent┬áNorthern Grid conference in Newcastle.

His Keynote as reported by Merlin John rings very true …

“Shift has already happened and it’s not turning back. Nature is finding a way for us. It’s a Jurassic Park moment. He’s (Gove) cut off the funding, he’s trying to strangle us but actually there are little seeds that we planted a little while ago and they are just working their way through. And the refreshing thing for me is that there is nothng he can do about that.”

‘Chapeau’ Russell I wish I had been there to clap and cheer !!

One thought on “Russell gets it right !!

  1. To take away what we’ve already had and tasted and enjoyed and intrigued over and thumped our mouse on the desk for and loved would be a travesty to future generations as well as this one. But Russell is right, the seeds have indeed already been planted and the roots are too far streching to be dug up now.
    Am excited to be seeing Russell Prue at my university induction next week. ­čÖé

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