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‘Only the stumps are left showing’  – Spurn Point 2011 – Doug Dickinson

You can have your say about what will happen next to teacher education … here

I have always thought, since the introduction of the ‘skills tests’, that they should be an entry qualification not an exit one and now I read in Training our next generation of outstanding teachers’ that potentially this will be so.

Of interest to those of us involved with ICT will be the statement that : We will drop the IT test, which is no longer needed. The rational for this is said to be: The IT test, by contrast, was introduced at a time of great concern about teachers’ basic IT skills: today new teachers tend to have strong IT skills and the vast majority pass the IT test easily.

Do I read into this that if people pass a test easily that it should be abandoned? Did anyone take a look to see or even notice that the items being tested were in fact unfit for purpose in a world that changes so fast? While I agree that most people do not need to be tested on emailing attachments or searching the internet there is surely new skills that have come to the fore since the tests were designed (It is interesting that this does not apply to the numeracy and literacy tests!).

What ICT Capability Skills would you test … if at all?

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