It is wonderful when two totally different themes come together on one day … Just like waiting for a bus or shopping in a supermarket.

Today I read in the Times that in 41 States in USA a new curriculum which does not call for children to be taught handwriting has been adopted (though schools may chose to teach it if they wish). The focus will be on the ‘3 Ts’ – texting, tapping and typing! The article goes on to quote W H Auden who had the theory that ‘Most people like the sight of their own handwriting as they enjoy the smell of their own farts.’ Not quite sure which side of the fence he was sitting on when he saidvthis.

Secondly, and also from the Times, I read that there is a political party in Switzerland set up with the sole aim of outlawing ‘Power-Point’ presentations! The Anti Power-Point Party (APPP) claims that if this happened then 350 billion Euros could be saved yearly world-wide.

Now, whilst I agree that my reporting of these issues may be a trifle biased I do take heart in the eccentricities of people (particularly as I think that they have a good point). I await with interest to read what Mr Gove’s experts make of the handwriting issue.

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