Technology in reverse …

‘Who is feeding who?’ –  July 2011 – Doug Dickinson

As the amount of technology in all of our lives for personal, social, business and travel increases almost daily it seems to me that the element being now left behind is institutional education. I say institutional because many people have already taken to the power of technology to educate .. both themselves and people around them with their mobile devices.

Mike Baker asks the pertinent question: Is the government’s attitude to computer technology in schools taking us back to a “dark age” of chalk-and-talk?

My previous post concerning the teacher training skills tests indicates that there is a thought that ‘we have been there done that … and the box is ticked’ as for as ICT is concerned.

The way forward might just be ‘crowd sourced’ … the shouts making the difference … time to start shouting not whispering in corners.

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