Check, test, exam, assessment, task …

‘Which way the wind blows …’                          D Dickinson September 2011

Can you put these words into the ‘correct’ order going from nice and non intimidating to downright scary please:

Check, test,  exam, assessment, task,check-up, audit, survey, study … and add some of your own if you wish.

Today the BBC announced that the ‘Reading check for six-year-olds rolled out’ next summer. The article goes on to describe how the pilot study had been carried out … one head teacher said : ‘It’s a quick check of children’s phonic knowledge, not a reading test.’

So not about reading then just about being able to talk ‘Clanger’ or ‘Wooky’ and it is clear that it is not a ‘test’ it is a ‘check’.

What happened to ‘reading readiness‘? and do we really wish to buy into a check that is conceptually based on failure not success? … tree little milk egg book school sit frog playing bun flower road clock train light
picture think summer people something

And what is reading anyway in a 3rd Millenium learning context … where does decoding the blend of text, sound, image, animation and video come into it? Or is it just about being able to ‘say’ the text?

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