… and so say all of us

Sunday’s Guardian  online posted a wonderful article about smartphones and handheld computers: the new battleground in UK schools.

Institutions need to recognise that the time is now here and passed to move on and to embrace the power of the technology that people have access to and harness it for educational use. The longer procrastination takes place the more young people will be disadvantaged in a world economy.

The government said it would be publishing a strategy on the use of technology in schools before Christmas … I do hope that they listen to the educationalists and the users and manage to remove the ‘education’ agenda from the ‘political’ one.

Let’s move on …

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One thought on “… and so say all of us

  1. It was a good article, but I felt really irritated at the quote from Russell Hobby, general sec of the NAHT that the sort of learning that takes place with smartphones wasn’t very interesting. What a retrograde and backward looking attitude: he’d get on well with G*ve.

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