The Lords have it right …

Just picked up a report on a debate in the House of Lords (thanks to my Twitter PLN for this) re the use of technology in education. The debate – 61D: After Clause 29, insert the following new Clause—“Technology in schools
(1) The Secretary of State shall publish a plan detailing the delivery of the use of technology to aid teaching across all subjects in the curriculum, for pupils of all ages, in all maintained schools and Academies.
(2) The plan must be published and laid before Parliament by July 2012.”

Here are just some of the choice ‘word bites’ from the debate … the text from Hansard here.

From Lord Willis of Knaresborough: It is enormously disappointing that we still have from the Government a view that technology, particularly information communications technology, is a distraction from the central aim of raising standards. It is absolutely essential to the raising of standards to have proper technology and technology policies in our schools. We are not promoting the case for ICT as an alternative to conventional subject matter or pedagogy but as an integral part of delivering a world class, 21st century curriculum.

Baroness Garden of Frognal: It would be almost impossible to deliver the curriculum successfully in a 21st-century school without the effective use of technology.

Lord Willis of Knaresborough: I am much more interested in ICT being the electricity—the energy—that delivers, motivates and turns youngsters on to a high-performing education system.

Unfortunately it appears that Amendment 61D was withdrawn.

I do not know or understand what this might mean but the fact that the House of Lords spent time on debating the use of technology in education must be a plus.

Well done Mi Lords and Ladies !

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