Told you so …

In the research based world of education I wonder if the Government will listen to the views of the experts over the introduction of the ‘Pseudowords’ reading test, check, investigation, assessment etc for six year olds.

The BBC report:  ‘The government’s new reading test for six-year-olds is a waste of money that will not identify youngsters’ needs, experts have warned.’

The report highlights: … 72% of pilot schools said “pseudowords” caused confusion for some, or most, of their pupils.

But they are not listening:

A DfE spokesman said: “Academic research from all around the world – from Australia to the US – shows that systematic synthetic phonics is the best way to teach early reading. Pupils who need more help to master phonics need to be identified as early as possible, which is why we will introduce a phonics check for six-year-olds from next year.”

She added: “The evidence from the pilot is clear – thousands of six-year-olds, who would otherwise slip through the net – will get the extra reading help they need to become good readers, to flourish at secondary school and to enjoy a lifetime’s love of reading.”

There is no evidence to suggest that these children will slip through any net … teachers are professionals and will support those who need help!

Attribution: Image: ‘Tome Reader

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