Free Schools for old … Free schools for old

A level playing field

I read today that Everton Football Club has become the first Premier League club in the country to be granted government permission to open a Free School.

Now I have always thought the idea of removing education from politics was good I wonder where this will lead … The Everton Free School will provide education and sports tuition for 120 14 to 19-year-olds.

So Football = Sports school

Which supermarket chain will be the first to open the first ‘retail’ school? and which bank will come in with the first ‘ accountancy’ school?

Or does this push the idea of those that have the money will call the tune too far?

The school will have noble ideals: It will, unquestionably, provide a real chance for some less-privileged, less-fortunate children to embrace and benefit from a high-quality education.

I am left wondering about all those children who are not less-privileged nor less-fortunate but who are just children. Who will be there fighting their corner?

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