A day is a long time in Education

This morning I stated reading the BBC news as I lay in bed … iP*ds are wonderful things … and picked up on an article about a report concerning ICT and Ofsted. It seemed to suggest that ‘we’ had got it all wrong … that is the teachers/schools/education system had. We had been teaching the wrong things and just had not noticed that the tech revolution had caught us up and passed us by. In effect we were inadequate. At least the Secondary sector appeared to be. The primary sector seemed to be doing a good job: The majority of primary school leaders had a clear understanding of the contribution of ICT to their schools’ wider improvement. There were regular audits of staff training requirements and good support for meeting the needs of teachers and teaching assistants. Now if the results of a survey of my PGCE students are anything to go be then I am interested in this statement.

As the day marched on the Twitterverse sprang into action with analysis and comments and Naace produced a response.

The day moved on as it will and now the BBC popped back up again with the redoubtable Rory Cellan-Jones reporting on the report’s report.

So where does this all get us, towards the end of the day? Well I think that all publicity is good publicity and the spectre of technology (or ICT) is well out in the open. In actual fact Ofsted’s Chief Inspector Miriam Rosen (who is actually an acquaintance of mine as we both often are to be seen orienteering in various parts of the World) seems to agree:“In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology,” she says, “young people need to be given the opportunity to learn ICT skills in an interesting, challenging and relevant way.”

So now what we need is a change of teacher mindset. We have to have hearts and minds as well as rhetoric.

Interesting times …

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