They caught my eye …

Below are ideas and items that over the last few weeks have caught my eye, my imagination or my mind in one way or another.

1. ‘Shake the Dust’ …  a poem by Anis Mogjani called brought to my attention by good friend and extreme athlete John Munro. There are lines in here to trip the soul and to make you weep at days spent on days. Here is the text.

2. QR time … the extrapolation from static to dynamic of a QR.

3. … a new way to gather and curate web sites pertaining to a specific topic or project … and make them look worth reading.

4. #pencilchat … on Twitter – an idea that went viral as people used it as a metaphor or allegory for their own and other people’s engagement with technology.

I am meeting my PGCE Digital Technologies Specialists at The University of Leicester next week and I hope they can extend this list.

Attribution: Image: ‘Brain Coral

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