Mr Twigg discovers Sir Ken Robinson

‘Time and tide wait for no man’ – originally St. Marher, 1225

At the North of England Education Conference in Leeds today Mr Twigg appears to have discovered Sir Ken Robinson:

He told delegates: “On a conceptual level, many schools are still organised like factories. The workers down tools when they hear the bell ring, and are strictly separated into production lines, focused on building the constituent parts of knowledge, maths, science etc. At the same time, students are rigidly separated. Taught in batches, not by ability or interest, but by their own date of manufacture.”

This is what the BBC reported that he said.

See/hear what Sir Ken said on the RSA site or watch the animation at RSA Animate – listen here to the excellent presentation or start from 06.30 – 07.11 to get the actual words.

I feel sure that Mr Twigg will have attributed the quotation … it is good to know that there is some thinking beyond the constraints of time and place. It will be good to hear how others feel about making changes in the basic organisation of institutional education and what effect this would have on future schooling.

Mr Twigg also called for schools to embrace technology as a vital tool of learning and said they should shift from being like factories to become 21st Century hubs of innovation.

I am just not actually sure that all people can be innovators … we do need some people to do other things … to actually do things that keep the infrastructure systems going … a point for debate.

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