It has been a long time …

It has been a long time … since I have been here and I wonder if that means that I have nothing to say or that the world in which I live is, at present, flat.

This is, in actual fact, not the case. Working this last week with PGCE students from University of Leicester has been a pleasure and an eye-opener. And I have loved it. The vibrancy that comes from interactions with students is both refreshing and an awakening.

The week began with an ICT Conference which I hosted … it was fronted by Oliver Quinlan sand was so ably supported by my good friends Simon Widdowson, John Sutton, Bill Lord, Josie Fraser, Nick Hutchinson and Jan Web … details are here.

And then two days of ‘Learning Outdoors’ … orienteering and musing in the rain.

Is this ground-breaking – well know it isn’t, it is the stuff that days are made of.

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