And it came to pass …

… that the doctrines were handed down from the DfE for consultation … and they came in three colours – English, Mathematics and Science. ICT did not have a colour as it was too important … well, I think that was the implication: Having considered the responses to the consultation, the Government has decided to proceed with disapplication. In this interim period, schools will still be required to teach ICT to pupils at all key stages but teachers will have the flexibility to decide what is best for their pupils without central Government prescription.

I think it means that we know what we are doing so should be allowed to get on with it.

I have now read the bit about spelling and can hear teachers all over the country winding up the photocopier and preparing next years class spelling lists (Did we not always do this?) and I have prepared my poem list – headed by The Jabberwocky ready to meet the phonics and poetry objective in one go.

I really can’t bring myself to go through each bit and match it to the old bits to see what changes have been made and feel sure that someone in the next few days will do just that and save me the effort. And will it matter? Will schools take one look and bite the ‘Academy’ bullet?

Copies of the documents can be found here.

Exciting times …

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