Dear Mr Cameron …

Dear Mr Cameron

I agree with you about how wonderful the Olympics have been and how GB has shone through in so many ways … just a number of things I am not sure about though.

Is the volunteer army part of the ‘big society’ thing or is it just ordinary people having the opportunity to do extraordinary things. It has cost many of them hundreds or even thousands of pounds to support the event.

Just not sure how this next bit will work : Competitive team sports will be made compulsory for all primary school children in England, Prime Minister David Cameron will say later.

Does this fit in with the ‘free schools’ or ‘academies’ idea that they don’t need to follow the National Curriculum …

He (Cameron) will announce that the national curriculum for primary schools in England will be re-written with an explicit reference to competitive team sports.The new curriculum will make it compulsory to take part in “recognised and recognisable sports” and will set out requirements for “team outdoor and adventurous activity”.

I think that this is a great idea if you remove the word ‘compulsory’ and I love the way he has taken a hand in defining the word ‘sport’ … and wonder about who recognises what as a sport in the big society … feel sure the darts, snooker, angling, ballroom dancing, golf lobbies might have views on this.

Just love the idea of beach volleyball being included in the curriculum and am looking forward to the haggle over appropriate dress and school uniform.

Another wait and see moment I think … meanwhile I wonder what Mr Gove is thinking?

Yours ever


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