… the best is yet to come … are you sure?

Today I read on the BBC ‘News, Education & Family’ that four hundred … YES – 400 … of the worst primary schools are to be turned into academies. Am I surprised by this. Not at all. This is in a bid to drive up standards so David Cameron says. The report goes on to say this four hundred will be join the two hundred poor schools already on their way to becoming academies.

I am just not sure how this will fit with the development of a new curriculum that these schools will not be obliged to follow. DC says … Time and time again we have seen how academies with their freedom to innovate, inspire and raise standards are fuelling aspirations and helping to spread success. Could this be because they tread their own pathway unencumbered by Government straight-jacketing?

Interesting times …

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John Bull Printing Outfit
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… and on another subject, this from the Independent, how does this – A spokeswoman for the Department for Education said: “We make no apologies for wanting to raise standards across the board so that young people leave school equipped with the skills they need for work or further study. – square up with Sir Ken Robinson’s comment that we have no idea what the next five years will look like never mind what the world of work for our young people will look like in ten or twenty years time …

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