It’s all about passion

Just because you haven’t seen or read me here recently doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking. Probably thinking too much and doing a little internalised crying at the fact that we still haven’t managed to change the nature of educating our young people. In spite of all of the passionate and brilliant teachers we are still, it seems, stuck in the same tram lines going in the same direction.

Today in England young people will be starting to make their mark by ‘sitting’ the Sats Tests. They will be faced by things that could have well come from a Dickensian system ( How can we sit back and let this happen? Why do we steal so much of childhood with things that are not really relevant? When did you use ‘a minus times a minus is a plus) for anything sensible in your life? When did you last need to divide 6742 by 37?

Sit back and listen to John Legend and think … just think.

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