… A long time …

The horizon, at the moment, is a little blurred, but it will clear as time passes

It is a long time since I have been here and commented on the state of the current education system.

But this week saw the start of the next cohort of PGCE students starting off on their year and it fell to me to talk to them about the rise and rise of technology that they would experience and then utilise in their course.  The sessions were more than interesting as I asked them what they had seen in their pre-course placement and then asked them to compare this with schools who had been awarded the Naace ‘3rd Millennium Award’. Eyes were opened …

It was interesting to note how few took notes electronically but I was heartening by how many of them had taken advice from an earlier session and were getting to grips with dropbox and Pinterest – getting electronically organised! Introducing Computing rather than ICT was no problem as there was no baggage  and positivity was the feeling of the sessions. It is good to know that the majority of the next generation of teachers could be open to pedagogical innovation through technological devices.

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