This is now getting silly …

‘Taking the long view’

On 29 September I wrote about the stealing of childhood by institutional interference in the early years. Today I read a report on the BBC News : Two-year-olds should start school, says Ofsted chief .This post-birth institutionalisation seems to be a rehearsal for beginning ‘school’ … whatever ‘school’ means in this context.

For young children today is not a rehearsal for tomorrow it is an exciting entity in itself and should be treated as such.

Yesterday I read a book by Tom Barrett, ‘Can Computers Keep Secrets?’, that should be read by all those suggesting early formalisation. The essence of the book is: “Tom illuminates the global educational landscape with his insights into children’s minds. He captures the essential awe and wonder of discovery and learning.”

Children need space to grow not formality to constrain.

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