The scores are in …

The scores are in and governments all around the world will be trying to justify their position … The east rules … as far as these tests are concerned … but what price have their young people paid to be at the top of the tree. Reports suggest that in Korea (5th in the list) children come home from school and then go to a night school to work more … sometimes up to 14 hours a day.

Is this really what anyone would want for their children? See my last post for my views on education stealing childhood.

I suppose now we are in for a time of gnashing of teeth and back to basics. Liz Truss has come out in favour of text books. I suppose technology will take a hit next. The Finns will certainly suffer the slings and arrows … and I suspect teachers in many countries will be told again that they are not good enough.

Think its time to go and have a long lie down … lies, damn lies and statistics !

But that would be just too easy.

Teachers don’t become teachers to fail their pupils. They have a passion to educate and they do this to the best of their ability. The best of the best collaborate, cooperate and learn from each other by watching what works and sharing ideas and expertise. The Pisa scores are not meaningless they just don’t tell the whole story.


And just to prove me wrong Mr Gove has come out in praise of teachers … here is his ‘wish list’

There is no single intervention – or single nation – which has all the answers to our education challenges. But if we look at many of the high-performing and fast-improving education systems certain common features recur:

  • there is an emphasis on social justice and helping every child to succeed
  • there is a commitment to an aspirational academic core curriculum for all students to the age of 16
  • there is a high level of autonomy from bureaucracy for headteachers
  • there is a rigorous system of accountability for performance
  • headteachers have the critical power to hire who they want, remove underperformers and reward the best with the recognition they deserve

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